Ethical issues in image-based research

Clark, Andrew and Prosser, Jon and Wiles, Rose (2010) Ethical issues in image-based research. Arts and Health, 2 (1). pp. 81-93. ISSN 1753-3015

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This paper provides an overview of current ethical concerns in image-based research.
It considers the influence of institutional structures such as regulatory frameworks,
professional guidelines and institutional review boards before focusing on issues of
data collection and dissemination. The paper discusses informed consent, anonymity
and confidentiality, specifically in relation to how they may differ in image-based
compared to word-based research. It is suggested that a situated approach to imagebased
ethics is better able to take account of the concrete, everyday situations within
which ethics are negotiated between researchers and research participants.
Keywords: ethical dilemmas; image-based research; research ethics; visual ethics

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Subjects: 2. Data Collection > 2.9 Visual Methods
8. Research Management and Impact > 8.3 Research Ethics
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