Statistical Modelling in R

Aitkin, M and Francis, B and Hinde, J and Darnell, R (2009) Statistical Modelling in R. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-921913-1

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R is now the most widely used statistical package/language in university statistics departments and many research organisations. Its great advantages are that for many years it has been the leading-edge statistical package/language and that it can be freely downloaded from the R web site. Its cooperative development and open code also attracts many contributors meaning that the modelling and data analysis possibilities in R are much richer than in GLIM4, and so the R edition can be substantially more comprehensive than the GLIM4 edition of Statistical Modelling.

This text provides a comprehensive treatment of the theory of statistical modelling in R with an emphasis on applications to practical problems and an expanded discussion of statistical theory. A wide range of case studies is provided, using the normal, binomial, Poisson, multinomial, gamma, exponential and Weibull distributions, making this book ideal for graduates and research students in applied statistics and a wide range of quantitative disciplines.

Readership: Students and reseachers in applied statistics, quantitative disciplines including biology, medicine, and the social sciences

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